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Voices of Mexico, núm. 108, summer 2019

Voices of Mexico, núm. 108, summer 2019

Everything in the world flows. Until a law, a treaty, or a wall stops it. Two constants run through this issue of Voices of Mexico: human beings and water. From the standpoint of the social sciences or of art, researchers, photographers, a writer, and a poet traverse the flows of human beings and the water that gives us life. Why and how do they travel? Where and why do they stop? How do they enrich the lands where they arrive -if they do arrive? I want to thank all those who contributed their knowledge here so that we readers could become aware that this journey is differentiated, that not all of us are privileged with the same freedom of movement, for example, or access to running water, just to mention two differences. This issue centers on the intense relationship between Mexico and the United States, covering everything from environmental legislation to the harsh, critical, tart interpretation of how they see us and how we see them. In the interaction these pages make possible between academic accounts and artistic prisms, once again the whole attempts to build a bridge so we can understand each other better, since we are neighbors in an area of constant flows. We hope that the exchange of ideas does not stop and can transcend momentary political whims.

Graciela Martínez-Zalce Director of cisan July 2019

  Precio Cantidad
Voices of Mexico, núm. 108, summer 2019
  • Revista Revista
  • ISBN/ISSN: 8626000002261
  • Dependencia editora: Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte
  • Edición o Número de Reimpresión: 1a edición, año de edición -2019-
  • Tema: Multidisciplina
  • Número de páginas: 88
  • Peso en Kg: 0.2960
  • Tamaño: 27 x 21 x .5
  • Extensión de fichero:
  • Peso en Mb: 0.296
  • Terminado o acabado: revista
  • Idioma: inglés

Martínez Zalce, Graciela (Directora)

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Voices of Mexico, núm. 108, summer 2019